As someone who has been in an assortment of different kinds of relationships, I personally find that being ‘a good woman’ is the most empowering. While there is enjoyment to be found in female dominant relationships with a beta male, nothing compares to being a submissive partner to an alpha male.

Frequently submission is thought of as either a sexual concept or as relationship abuse. I find these definitions to be very limiting and consider the latter to be a frequent method used in Western culture to deter women from rebelling against the feminist agenda.

To me, being a ‘good woman’ means not answering back, never starting drama in public, catering to my partner’s needs, being ready ahead of schedule, never barking orders or making irrational demands, never talking to or about my partner in a way which is forceful or derogatory and where appropriate, sticking by his side and defending him against scrutiny.

Being a strong, independent and free thinking woman, this does not mean that I roll over though! In fact, quite the contrary is true and it would be against my very nature to accept things without questioning them or refrain from ever speaking my mind.

I am very vocal about what I think but I know when to not push my agenda. If I have an opinion, issue or complaint it is voiced in a way which is most often honest and respectful. However, it is then up to my partner to decide if he wants to listen, act upon or take notice of what I have said. If he doesn’t find what I have to say of value this is absolutely fine with me as we are all entitled to differing opinions and if he is feeling tired, unwell or is simply preoccupied, I am secure in myself enough to accept that as long as I have said my bit there is no need to force my ideals. The vice versa is also true.

Relationships are comprised of two individuals coming together and as such, each person brings with them their own ways, ideas and interests. These must be mutually accepted and each person must have the freedom to express themselves in a way which is appropriate to the relationship. Each party must know that they can take or leave the relationship at any time and that if something is unsatisfactory it will be expressed openly.

Although there is seemingly very few of these kinds of women present in public eye, some examples include Melania Trump, Jackie Kennedy and perhaps Kate Middleton.