While this may come off as offensive to Ariana Grande fans, I am sick and tired of hearing about how much you pity Ariana Grande after the bombing in Manchester. Browsing through Twitter there is very little mention of the DEAD, INJURED and MISSING. Instead, there are tweets about how much people love and pity Ariana Grande, how they hope she is okay and how much this must be affecting her.

Personally, I don’t mind Ariana Grande, she has some good work and sure she must be shaken up by what happened, but she is neither dead nor injured. Grande will be fine, in fact, she’s probably sitting in her flash Beverly Hills home right now surrounded by family with a puppy on her lap.

You know who isn’t still living a life of luxury?

The 59 people in the hospital undergoing treatment for having bits of shrapnel stuck in their bodies.

The 22 people lying dead never to see their loved ones again.

The families still searching for the 14 missing.

The friends and families praying for their loved ones to recover hospital.

Or how about the 22 families mourning the loss of a loved one and making funeral plans.

Why are we not discussing this!? Why are we so focused on ‘poor Ariana Grande’. Why aren’t we discussing how much we hope those died R.I.P., how we hope those injured make a full recovery, how we sympathise with the families.. or, just as importantly, why this and other terrorist attacks are happening in the first place!