“If I were to become terminally ill with cancer, I would want nothing more than a sack of dank and an ashtray” – Missy.

As someone who has never been able to swallow pills, I have never been very fond of medications and as such usually favour home remedies such as a little ginger and honey, herbal teas, tonics or elixirs. It wasn’t until I went down the Big Pharma rabbit hole though that I began to actively oppose the pharmaceutical industry.

When I was twenty-one I started researching various ‘conspiracy’ topics online, one of the issues which stuck out to me the most was Big Pharma.

From my research I learnt a lot about how medications are designed to create dependency and further issues down the road, how medications which are deemed ‘perfectly safe’ such as Panadol can wreak havoc on our bodies and how anti depressants are widely reportedly to have a negative impact on our brains, (SSRIs are also widely reported as a factor in home-grown terrorism).

Although none of these things really bothered me on a personal level, I could see clear evidence of what I was reading in those around me who had either been on anti depressants for thirty years, addicted to pain killers or simply at the later stages of their lives where one pill for xyz issue twenty years ago had led to them having to take nine pills every single morning religiously.

Knowing I didn’t want to become like this, I swore never to take another pill again unless it was absolutely necessary. From time to time I may take a supplement or vitamin drink but I have never visited a doctor since- nor have I become so terribly ill as to need one. Instead, I rely on an assortment of herbs, organic cold pressed lemon or cranberry juices, or other plant-based remedies which I only use when I am beginning to feel under the weather.

While taking non prescribed remedies isn’t for everyone, investigating Big Pharma is well worth your time and everyone I have ever discussed the issue with has ended up boycotting the medical industry and switching to alternative means as a way of taking care of and bettering their health.