Less than 48 hours ago it was announced that President Trump had fired former FBI director, James Comey.

This latest development in the Comey saga has left many in the Mainstream Media crying foul. Fake news organisations such as CNN, (Clinton News Network), have declared the firing of James Comey to be connected to ‘Trump’s Russian problem’ and as such many others in MSM have followed suit.

It has long been alleged that the Tump administration holds secret links to Russian president, Vladimir Putin and that the Russians helped to sway the 2016 US Presidential Election. Such claims from fake news organisations, have left many people scratching their heads wondering why potential problems with Russia- or Saudi Arabia for that matter, were never brought to light when previous political tyrants, such as Bill Clinton were in power.

Meanwhile however, Tump supporters are ecstatic over the news that justice is being finally served and are hopeful the aftermath of Comey’s termination, will result in a proper investigation into the Clinton Foundation. After all, it was James Comey, as FBI director, who ultimately saw Hillary Clinton go scotch free after the botched handling of the email scandal in 2016.

Only time will tell but regardless of whether President Trump decides to launch an investigation into Hillary Clinton, it is clear to those in support of the President, that his promises to ‘Drain The Swamp’ are successfully being fulfilled.