Having just finished eating what was supposed to be an award-winning pie, my thoughts (and indeed stomach) are doing repulsed somersaults. I will say that straight off the bat I am one of the pickiest eaters I’ve ever met and if you don’t want to hear the rantings of a picky eater, perhaps this isn’t the right blog post for you.

As a picky eater there are a number of categories which food seems to fall into; a spectrum of bitterly sweet to bitterly sour, firm to creamy, spicy to cold, stinky to sweet-smelling, heavy meals to light ones and of course, perceived danger risk/paranoia factor. If something along any of these spectrums doesn’t particularly sit right, its extremely off-putting, or at worst; disgusting. In the example of my not so award-winning pie, the pastry itself was absolutely decadent but the steak itself however was so dark and heavy it ruined the pie and made it horrendous. In fact it was so bad I’d rather be eating one of those run of the mill supermarket pies from the freezer isle!

Say what you want, I’m no stranger to be called out on my picky food habits and although most of the things I simply won’t touch baffle some people (; i.e. cream, fresh fish and eggs) I have my reasons and I’m pretty firm in what I like.

Oh and while we’re on the topic of what I do and don’t like, I’m the kind of person who only drinks bottled water, isn’t a big fan of milk (unless it’s one specific brand) and doesn’t particularly have a sweet tooth, I’m also a pain when it comes to what I drink. There’s nothing worse than taking a sip of water in a cafe only to remember it’s that odd tasting water people seem to like drinking from taps- I know, I’m pretty bad.

At least I’d be the first to admit, I wouldn’t do very well in Africa!