As he descended the stairs of his Miami mansion with a large yellow snake wrapped around his shoulders and three buff and topless black men following behind, it became clear; Milo Yiannopoulos is back!

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Among a crowd of screaming fans who had gathered to celebrate Cinco de MILO, Milo made five breaking announcements;

  1. Milo Inc (his new $12M media company), will be suing Simon & Schuster for $10M after they dropped his book deal in February 2017.
  2. In a week, Milo will be opening his own publishing company called ‘Dangerous Books’ with the intent of publishing the works of ‘every mischievous, dissident, hellraising guy you have ever heard of’.
  3. The first book to be published by Milo’s company ‘Dangerous Books’ will be his own book ‘Dangerous’- we can expect this to be released next week.
  4. Milo will be returning to his touring career with a new college and commercial tour called ‘Troll Academy’.
  5. In the fall, Milo will be holding a ‘Free Speech’ week at UC Berkley.

With all of these new announcements made, Milo, in his typical flamboyant fashion, greeted his fans and made his way over to his throne, where he was quickly surrounded by blonde bikini-clad party girls, his snake and of course, his three topless black men.

Be sure to check out MILO’s latest content on YouTube and visit his website to keep up to date with his upcoming book and college tours.

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