The number one trait I admire in women, myself included, is devotion, particularly devotion to one’s significant other. Devotion by definition encompasses everything a good woman should be loyal, faithful, dedicated and committed.

Growing up I always idolised women who portrayed these traits, I wanted to be like them and I hoped to one day be the kind of woman a man could think of as having always been there for them, despite all of life’s trials and tribulations.

Life is rough and being devoted isn’t all about the good times, in fact the times that it matters the most is when things are tough. As an example, the love of my life is unsure of his future, he doesn’t know if he will ever want a long-term relationship and he’s not ready for commitment.  Having been through all of these things before I can relate to how he’s feeling and know that for him this may never change. Instead of saving myself from potential heartache and betrayal though I’m in it for the long haul, no matter where that takes us.  Friends and family have openly said I’m crazy, that I’m wasting my time and you know what, maybe they’re right. The thing is though, even though I know where this might end up, I’m not going anywhere. Nobody knows what tomorrow brings or where we will be 10 years from now.

It’s not an easy job being a devoted woman when the odds are stacked against you, it’s tough sticking around while the one you love does things you don’t condone and it would certainly be a hell of a lot easier to cut your losses and walk away, but to the women who are strong enough to stick by their man in good time and bad, my hat’s off to you.