If there is one thing in this world that I adore and look forward to every year it’s Tornado Season! The beautiful whirling storms of almighty force are a constant reminder of mother nature’s chaotic and destructive control.

As someone who has never seen one in real life before it has been a life long dream of mine is to chase one down and capture it on film. Everyone I know think’s its slightly nutty and thus far I haven’t had any daring friends up for the challenge even when it is offered as a free trip abroad! Regardless, watching storm chasers on periscope last season really cemented it for me, I’m going to ‘Texas in May’. I don’t know when, it could take years to get there but hey that’s what bucket lists are for right!?

To those with a less fortunate view of the storm I wish you all the best of luck and hope that nobody stays safe. And to those of us who are living every storm chasers’ dream, you guys rock!

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