Fake News, a type of journalism in which organisations publish news articles as accurate with the intent of misleading the public. Such news articles often lack proper research, leave out important information or facts and rely on misleading headlines, sensationalism and exaggerated and falsified facts to sell their content.

Over the past year, Google has begun filtering their search engines in an attempt to crack down on fake news sites and make them less accessible to the public. Social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter have also taken similar steps by removing content associated with black listed news websites.

While to some people this may seem like a good idea, not only are Google, Facebook and Twitter targeting the wrong people in their crack downs on ‘fake news’ but they are also directly trying to censor what people aren’t allowed to read or look at.

To add to the madness, the real culprits of fake news, (MSM sites such as CNN etc) are, out of sheer hypocrisy, happily advocating for a crack down. Why? Because they’re not on the list and those who are actually reporting properly on the news (i.e. Breitbart) are bringing down the ratings of the MSM and making people aware of what is actually going on in the world!

The real list of ‘fake news’ organisations can be found HERE.