One of my best friends is a career student, by this I mean that she has been studying various courses at university in and off for the past 6 years and is looking at studying another course in just a couple of months time.

By the time she hits 40 in just a few years time it will be likely she will have successfully completed, a bachelor’s degree in teaching kids under 5s, a post-graduate diploma teaching kids 5-10years, a certificate in business, a post graduate diploma in accounting.

As a result of her acclaimed academic achievements she could easily secure her a job in almost any childcare centre or elementary school and could probably even open her own daycare centre!

Unfortunately though I don’t see this ever becoming a reality. Why? Because she hates teaching, kids give her a bad back, the noise drives her crazy, she gets sick easily, the hours are too long and tiring..

and it’s not university.