Jimmy believes in old-fashioned gender roles, agrees with the idea of an immigration ban and is a devoted church going Christian. Jimmy votes for politicians who reflect nationalist and Christian values and believes that these views reflect his identity.

Jane on the other hand agrees with third wave feminism, wants open borders and believes that science is superior to religion. Jane votes for politicians who push for women’s rights, freedom and equality and likewise feels that her views reflect morality.

Despite holding openly conflicting views, Jimmy and Jane realise that they love each other very much, put their differences aside and decide that they want to get married.

Shortly after Jimmy proposes, Jane starts to plan the wedding. When she asks Jimmy about his thoughts on a venue, Jimmy says that he wants to get married in a church that he has attended for 20 years. Opposed to religion, Jane flat-out rejects the idea, stating that she wants to have a humanist wedding ceremony.

Deeply disappointed, Jimmy gives in to his Jane’s demands.

The wedding goes off without a hitch and soon after, the married couple move in together. Married life goes smoothly despite the ‘occasional’ fight as a result of their opposing values.

Less than a year later, Jane falls pregnant with Jimmy’s baby.

Having never expected to have children, Jane argues with Jimmy about having an abortion. In her mind the baby was not planned and at this point, having a baby would ruin her independence and career path. Jimmy rejects the idea of abortions and requests that Jane keeps the child on the promise that after the child is born she will love the child and things will be okay. Semi convinced, Jenny decides to keep the baby and nine months later gives birth to Jimmy’s child.

A few weeks after the baby’s birth, Jimmy is promoted to a higher paying position. Since he can now afford to do so, Jimmy expresses his wish that Jane stay home and take care of their baby instead of returning to work. Offended, Jane argues that although she loves their child, men are horrible for always attempting to suppress women and together they decide to hire a Nanny.

A couple of months later, Jimmy brings up his desire that their baby be christened in his childhood church. Taken a back, Jane argues that it is a waste of time and offers to throw a naming party instead. Disappointed, Jimmy tries to push his idea as it is very important to him, unfortunately though, a major fight ensues and Jane ends up throwing the party.

The year which follows is gruelling for Jimmy and Jane. Every happy moment spent together turns into a heated argument. In truth, everyone is miserable including the baby. All of their friends can tell things are about to take a turn for the worst.

Six months later, Jimmy files for a divorce siting irreconcilable differences. Against his wishes, Jane takes the child and moves out. Jimmy ends up paying child support for the next 18 years, Jane ends up taking half his money and in tough times, Jimmy looses his job.

What went wrong?
Are all marriages doomed to end up this way?

In a relationship such as Jimmy and Jane’s their differences in morals and beliefs were too large to ignore, compromise fell apart, bitterness arose and a divorce ensued. When finding a partner, we should always ensure that our values, beliefs and political preferences match up or are compatible.

While it may not seem like a deal at the time, the way we view the world defines who we are and as such, our opinions and beliefs should not be ignored.

Inspiration: ‘Help! I’m Dating a Social Justice Warrior!’ by Stefan Molyneux