When it comes to gender roles I have always favoured the approach taken in the 16-17th century. As outdated as these ideas may seem, viewing men as the stronger and superior gender who takes care of business, while the more emotional leaning woman tends to the house and focuses on motherhood is right up my alley.

The loss of traditional gender roles have seen the rise of the beta male; feminized and weak, the radical feminist; those who see women as superior to men. the confused and self obsessed teenager; void of any real role models currently residing outside of the Hollywood realm and the rare and prized Alpha male; the pant’s wearer who scarcely believes in marriage.

It should come as no surprise that with the notion of 16-17th century gender roles in mind, I prefer the ideals of male dominant culture and concepts that many feminists and women in general would role their eyes at. Namely; women taking a quieter role in social gatherings involving men, strict obedience to one’s husband and the dominance of male leaders within government, companies and organisations.

As these ideas quickly evaporate from modern-day society, those of us still hold these views, myself included, are the minority referred to as misogynistic, sexist or a suppressor. As unfortunate as these labels are, they don’t affect me an nothing pales in comparison to the backward leaning ideals of our modern and feminised society.