If anyone would have told me when I was twenty one that I would have settled down and committed myself to one person, I would have thought they were crazy.

Prior to meeting the man I love, I was a playa.

Playa definition: A known love offender, known also as a notorious heartbreaker, one who engages in flirtatious, seductive and/or scandalous liasons of little to no meaning and/or feeling, with the opposite sex.

I thought that marriage was all about a big poofy dress and that having children was something that people did for fun. I took none of it seriously and was intent on avoiding it like the plague- even though I did really want a big pretty dress!

After meeting the man I have been in love with for the past four years, I have slowly but gradually come to change my mind.

We aren’t married, we might never be and he hasn’t yet come to the same miraculous discovery I have. It’s fair to say that things aren’t exactly perfect but what I have found is this: there is something genuinely special about choosing to be solely dedicated to one person.

Gone are the days when I found enjoyment from dressing up and taking risks, I now gain my enjoyment from quiet moments alone, going out together, enjoying his company and doing my best to make him happy.

There is nothing quite like being in a monogamous relationship and with the right person, there is no temptation to stray or engage in reckless behaviour- unless of course it’s by having fun with the one you love!