With the apparent outcomes of feminists’ in mind, namely the hiring of equal ratio employment in fields such as Science, Technology and Stem Cell Research, could such changes, (if implemented), cause a delay in the advancement of scientific developments?

There are reportedly less women than men who choose to study and work in the Technology, Science and Stem Cell fields. If a blanket requirement was placed on such industries, would there be a) a skill’s shortage or b) women employed who are less experienced in their jobs than their male counterparts? More importantly, if either of these scenarios were to take place, could this cause a delay how Scientific discoveries are made and the time it takes to make scientific developments?

In the same turn of events, with women fighting for their worker’s rights and place within companies, could this mean that the eventual takeover of automation is further delayed? What kind of woman would fight so hard for her right within a company only to usher in robots to take her place making her redundant and effectively a useless asset?

As someone who does not follow the feminist narrative out of sheer disgust for the way most feminists seem to view men and my own views on gender roles, this is not a topic I know much about and thus my ideas may be poorly expressed but it intrigues me to think what the future could bring as a result of the society we live in.