1. Loyalty
    Although it is hard to find a good alpha man who is loyal, this remains the most attractive trait in a man. I don’t particularly care if you think another chick is hot but if you decide to sleep with her theres a good chance you won’t be hearing back from me again.
  2. Masculinity
    To me masculine men are self assertive; they don’t let anyone walk all over them, especially not women. They go after what they want, realise there are plenty of fish in the sea and keep in great shape. Lets face it when there are tons of gyms around theres very little reason why anyone should be out of shape.
  3. Focus on Self Improvement
    Anyone who despises self improvement or sees it as an unnecessary aspect of life is an instant turn off- even if they have every other aspect on this list down pat. Men who strive for excellence are the kind of men who are innovators, leaders and CEOs.
  4. Dominance
    Any man who will let me run my mouth, put him down or get away with murder isn’t the kind of person I want in a partner. A good man knows exactly how to put me in my place and will walk away if a woman continues to respect him. Dominance is important in all aspects of life.
  5. Confidence
    A confident man who can go out and have fun is attractive. These are the kinds of men who have no problems picking up women, securing great business deals and providing top notch customer service. A positive, confident attitude and a great smile go a long way.
  6. Assertiveness
    Men who aren’t afraid to speak their minds and assert their needs are the men who win. The biggest problem beta males seem to have is that they pussy foot around or back track on what they want when confronted with difficulty- major turn off!
  7. Strong Communicator
    Guys who can keep a conversation going and know how to avoid things getting awkward are great. As a female who tends toward the more shy side of things it’s also really nice having a guy who can speak up on my behalf sometimes. Great communicators also have interesting topics to discuss and don’t just constantly complain all the time.
  8. Insightful
    Insightful conversations which present a well thought out point of view demonstrate knowledge and intelligence. As someone who is a deep thinker and spends a lot of time listening to people discuss various ideas online this is a definite must have.
  9. Driven
    Lazy men are poor providers. A man who is driven to not only improve himself but also strives for success in other areas in his life is a keeper. There is a time for lazing around and playing video games but if you’re not focused on the other things in life you won’t get to anywhere of importance.
  10. A Sense of Humour
    Men who are funny, witty and know how to add a little bit of silliness sometimes great at making chicks feel better when they’re down and keeping the spark alive in relationships.