As a trained Early Childhood teacher I am aware of just how much information children pick up on. From birth a child’s mind is like a sponge and as such they absorb everything they are shown and told. In turn everything they absorb influences how they view the world and is reflected in their behavioural and cognitive attitudes later on in life.

While we can’t always protect our children there are obvious steps we can take to protect their young and impressionable minds. As an example, no right minded individual would knowingly expose their child to photos of topless women or similar pornographic material. Unfortunately though, most of us have and will continue to do so through the form of Disney movies.

Growing up, I watched a ton of Disney films, what I never noticed though was the amount of explicit content discreetly and sometimes suggestively, placed throughout the large majority of Disney movies. Even after having it blatantly pointed out to me, I rejected the evidence for many years. Finally I came across this picture (see below) of a Mickey Mouse toy pulled from the shelves for it’s striking resemblance to a sex toy.


This is only one example of the questionable content surrounding Disney. More evidence of the explicit content people have found in Disney movies can be found here;

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It’s a horrible thought that our children, as impressionable and vulnerable as they are, have been exposed to questionable content without our knowledge for years.