As a Trump supporter during the 2016 election campaign I have seen loud and proud Trump supporters grow increasingly confused and disheartened by his recent actions. It appears that the great and almighty Trump who once vowed to Make America Great Again is beginning to flip flop on his views and under deliver on his promises.

While Trump has indeed been successful in helping to save and create many jobs, withdraw from the TPP and cut taxes, there is still much to do. Trump’s biggest election promise, the border wall with Mexico has yet to be built, the immigration ban was blocked in Congress and his attempts at getting rid of Obamacare have failed.

Whats more concerning to Trump supporters though isn’t always his under deliverance on promises. We get it,  sometimes things take a while to implement and other times things happen which are outside your control. What we don’t get though is this:

Ivanka Trump: Opening US borders to refugees ‘not enough’

Arresting Julian Assange is a priority, says US attorney general Jeff Sessions

Trump backtracks on China, won’t label it a currency manipulator

Trump drops repeated threat to jail Clinton: ‘She went through a lot’

Why is Trump backtracking on many of the ideas he discussed on the campaign track?

Why are some of Trump’s advisors and appointed cabinet members discussing implementing ideas which are in such clear breach of what made Trump so popular to begin with?

Something seems to be going terribly wrong with the Trump administration and somebody need to start asking some serious questions before its too late.