Almost every single night I have vivid dreams- and they usually happen in the early morning right before I wake up. Although there are various dream dictionaries available online which claim to know all the answers about the content of our dreams, they aren’t very reliable at the best of times. Regardless I believe that dreaming is of great importance.

I also know that dreaming has something to do with brain activity and that the many layers of our brain (conscious and unconscious) communicate through sleep. The real question I can’t seem to get my head around though is;

Is Dreaming A Sign of Enough Sleep?

Having dreams in the middle of the night is a little bit different and its almost as though our minds got a little bored during our moments of slumberous inactivity and started playing pretend in the land of imagination, but surely not all dreams are like this.
Surely it can’t just be a mere coincidence that having dreams right before we wake up leave us energised and ready for the day- even without a coffee.

Perhaps it’s because we’ve been dreaming all night and just don’t remember the rest of our dreams. Or maybe, just maybe, dreams in the morning are a sign of having full recharged batteries that are now leaking over and using the excess energy being generated in our sleep to create the most incredible and vivid dreams ever!

In the end, who the heck knows?