Earlier today I was talking to my brother on the phone.

My brother who is three years younger than me, lives half way across the country and is a Bernie Sanders/Hillary Clinton supporter.

Since we differ on a lot of issues we don’t always see eye to eye but being quite chilled out guy I always end up asking him lots of questions about his opinions on liberal concepts.

Today’s topic; Gender Pronouns.

When I asked him what he thought about the issue he was rather nonchalant and replied with saying that it really didn’t matter what people wanted to be called and it didn’t bother him.

After asking him how he would feel if he was legally penalised for accidentally offending someone through misgendering them, he took a while to figure out what I meant and finally replied that having legal consequences for such a mistake would be pushing it a little too far.

The basic notion I got this was that some liberal minded people genuinely just care about wanting the ability to express freedom of thought and the ability to explore their own personal reality.

This was an unexpected realisation for me.

If the attitudes of another person cause us no direct effects or repercussions why do we care what they do?

Why do some people, myself included, get offended by the differences of others?

Are people like my brother really all that different from ourselves?

Our way of looking at the world may be different but maybe all we really want beneath the craziness and perceived differences is to be free.