After watching an old documentary on Youtube with controversial musician Marilyn Manson, I have to admit that I have developed a deep appreciation for his art and music.

While not everything about him is positive; he is a satanist and his songs hold questionable lyrics, what I see in Manson is a kid who grew up in a restrictive christian upbringing, rebelled against the norms of society and became radically anti-establishment.

While most of Marilyn Manson’s song seem shocking the first time you hear them, he manages to do what many artists fail at; he gets the message across.

As an example, after listening to ‘Killing Strangers‘ a couple of times, I began to get the notion that the song was about the effect of government led wars and the psychological effects on being forced to protect one’s country. Coincidentally, Manson explains ‘Killing Strangers’ as being about the PTSD exhibited by his father, after his time spent serving in the US military during the Vietnamese war.

Marilyn Manson’s songs hold a lot of value and once you get past the shock factor, what he has to say is often times very important.